Official video of the “Nous Sommes La Nation” campaign against racism and islamophobia from the CCIF organisation (France).

Text from Zoe Balkis

English translation:

“You see me as a man

You see me as a black person

You see me with a beard

You see me as a woman

You see me as a tall person

But I’m just a child

You imagine I’m narrow minded

I see you as a human being

I hold to my hopes

And to you an open hand

True values are impervious to prejudices

Against the illnesses of this world,

If you ask me for a remedy,

I will simply answer:

Love, open-mindedness and Compassion

Dear France,

I fight for your “laïcité”,

The one of my childhood

Distorted, humiliated, and suffering,

Recovers its original meaning:

The possible gathering of our pluralities”

CCIF final version :